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Event Title VOLServe - September 8th
Agency/Organization Center for Leadership & Service - VOLServe
Event Date Friday, September 08, 2017
Event Time 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Event Contact Natalie Frankel  (nfrankel@vols.utk.edu)
Volunteers Still Needed: 5   (50 have already volunteered!)
Part Time/Full Time: You are required to attend the full time of the event.
Location: Students need to meet in the Greve Hall breezeway/horseshoe (located at 915 Volunteer Boulevard) for check-in at 2:00pm.
Scope: Misc. service projects around the Knoxville community.
Other Information: Volunteers will be contacted with additional details regarding the event.
Required Release of Liability: The undersigned hereby acknowledges that he/she understands that participation in Outreach Opportunities through the Center for Leadership & Service is purely voluntary and is not part of the academic curriculum of the University. In consideration of the University making any equipment and/or facilities available to the participants and/or the undersigned while participating in any such activities, the undersigned hereby release the University of Tennessee, their successors, assigns, Trustees, officers, agents and employees from any and all claims, demands and causes of action whatsoever, in any way growing out of or resulting from the undersigned student’s participation in the activities of the organization.

The undersigned further agrees that he/she understands that some of the activities of Outreach Opportunities through the Center for Leadership & Service involve substantial risk of bodily injury, property damage and other dangers associated with participation in activities. The undersigned also consents that any photograph or video images taken during their experience with the Center for Leadership & Service may be used online or in publications. It is expressly understood by the undersigned that he or she is solely responsible for any costs arising out of any bodily injury or property damage sustained through participation in normal or unusual activities as an Outreach Opportunity volunteer (The undersigned is encouraged to obtain adequate hospitalization or property damage insurance coverage.)

If the undersigned is married and/or a minor, then the signature of the spouse, parent or guardian appearing in the space indicated below signifies acceptance by said spouse, parent or guardian that the terms and conditions hereof shall be binding upon them and shall constitute a release by them of any and all claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever which they or any of them may have against the University of Tennessee, it’s successors, assigns, Trustees, officers, agents or employees as a result of the undersigned student’s participation in the activities described.

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